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Configuring a MIDI controller using MIDI Learn

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2018 12:16PM CEST

Custom MIDI maps are a powerful and flexible way to get the most out of your hardware and work ow. If you  find yourself missing some functionality from your existing setup, you can easily add an extra MIDI controller, or simply change the way your current one is mapped.

Below you will find a tutorial on how to map the play/pause button to get a feeling on how the djay Pro MIDI Learn feature is working.

djay Pro Windows MIDI Learn

To start mapping a new MIDI device please follow these steps:

  1. Launch djay Pro and wait for it to be fully loaded.
  2. Plug your MIDI controller into your computer via a spare USB port and turn it on. If this is the  first time using the controller, you will see a pop up message asking if you want to configure the device. Click OK.
  3. Next, the device MIDI Configuration window will load, displaying a blank mapping screen.
  4. To start mapping your first MIDI signal, use the desired control for the editor to pick up the correct note or CC to add to the list. Press a button on your controller to add this to the list.
  5. You then need to select both the Target within the software and the Action the control will perform. From the Target drop down in the list, choose Deck 1, and from the Action dropdown, choose Play/Pause.
  6. You have now mapped the Deck 1 PLAY button to your controller. Load a track and test it out!
  7. Keep mapping the basic controls until you have everything you need and hit DONE to save the config.

MIDI control targets

Targets are a simple way to break down what controls your MIDI signals are "targeting". These targets are general areas of the user interface to help make it easier to find the right command to map. You can choose from Decks 1 to 4, Mixer, Music library, Sampler, Microphone, or General. You can further drill down into these target sections through the target's Actions dropdown.

Advanced control options

To show the Advanced Control Options, expand the section by clicking the header. These settings are designed to tweak how your MIDI commands respond, should they not work as you want them to.
Control type: Choose from Button, Fader/Knob, Rotary (01h/7Fh), Rotary (3Fh/41h), Rotary (absolute).

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