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Pre-cueing with external audio devices

Last Updated: Jun 03, 2015 11:45AM CEST

Using HDMI via Apple Digital AV adapter

Devices Setup:

  • Main Output: Speakers connected to the iPad/iPhone via HDMI cable and Apple Digital AV adapter (e.g. digital TV with speakers, digital audio receiver)
  • Pre-cueing: Headphones connected to the iPad's (or iPhone's) headphone jack


  1. Plug your headphones into your iPad/iPhone
  2. Connect one side of the HDMI cable to the HDMI input of your speaker system and the other side to the Apple Digital AV adapter
  3. Plug the AV adapter into your iPad/iPhone's dock connector
  4. Raise the system volume to the maximum by using the volume buttons on your iPad/iPhone
  5. Launch djay
  6. A window like the one below should appear in djay. Tap "Done" and your good to go! This setup window can also be accessed by tapping the gear icon and selecting "Audio Device Setup".

djay multi-channel audio setup

Note: Technically, you could also choose to switch the outputs and use the headphones as main output and the speakers for pre-cueing.

Using Griffin DJ Connect

Devices Setup:

  • Main Output: Speakers connected to the Griffin DJ Connect's RCA master output (e.g.  any speaker system with Line-in input)
  • Pre-cueing: Headphones connected to the Griffin DJ Connect's headphone jack


  1. Launch djay
  2. Connect the Griffin DJ Connect to your iPad/iPhone via the supplied lightning or 30-pin dock connector cable.
  3. Plug your headphones into the Griffin DJ Connect's headphone jack.
  4. Connect your speakers to the Griffin DJ Connect's RCA master output.
  5. The audio channels are automatically configured. 

Pre-cueing is not supported in combination with AirPlay or Bluetooth devices.

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