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Preview a song through headphones (pre-cueing)

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2016 06:21PM CET

During a live set or recording you often want to find and prepare the next song while the current one is still playing through the main audio output, a common task known as Pre-Cueing. This requires headphones and a USB audio interface to connect your headphones to.

Note: the built-in audio sound card of your Mac only has one stereo output, therefore you cannot use it for both speaker output and Pre-Cueing. However, you can use the built-in audio device in combination with any USB audio interface compatible with Mac OS X (i.e. that shows up in the Audio System Preferences). This includes USB headsets and external USB or FireWire sound cards (to be used with your favorite headphones). Multi-channel sound cards are fully supported with channel assignment. Please see our Audio Hardware page for more information about recommended devices.

How to preview a song with headphones:

  1. Connect your USB audio interface to your Mac.
  2. After djay has detected the device, confirm that you want to use it for Pre-Cueing.
  3. djay will select the turntable audible through your headphones automatically. To change the currently active turntable you can use the pre-cueing buttons above the line faders.
  4. To change the pre-cueing volume open the Pre-Cueing panel using the headphones button in the lower right corner of djay’s main window.

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