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iCloud syncing

Last Updated: May 28, 2018 10:36AM CEST
Cue points and other metadata generated while using djay on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone are automatically synced via iCloud. This includes cue points and loop regions per song. Other metadata like BPM analysis is currently not synced.

Enabling iCloud syncing

  1. In the iCloud system settings, sign into iCloud with the same Apple ID on all your devices.

  2. Enable “iCloud Drive” in the iCloud settings on all your devices.

Testing iCloud syncing

  1. Load a song on one of your devices and set a start point (using the cue point buttons next to the play button).

  2. Load another song on the same deck to trigger synchronization with the cloud.

  3. Load the same song on your other device. It should have the cue point set at the same location as on your first device.

Troubleshooting iCloud syncing

  1. On the Mac, make sure you’re using djay purchased through the Mac App Store:

    1. Launch djay Pro on your Mac

    2. Select "About djay Pro" from "djay Pro" menu.

    3. If it says "Registered to: ..." above the version number, your version of djay is not purchased through the Mac App Store.

  2. Update your operating system to the latest version.

  3. In the iCloud system settings, check if every device is logged in with the same Apple ID and iCloud drive is enabled.

  4. Check if every device is connected to the Internet.

  5. Check if the songs you are using have exactly the same title, artist, and duration.

  6. Check if iCloud Drive is enabled for djay:

    • On Mac: go to System Preferences -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive -> Options... and ensure the checkbox next to "djay Pro" is checked.

    • On iOS: open the Settings app, go to iCloud -> iCloud Drive and ensure the checkbox next to "djay 2" or "djay Pro" is checked.

  7. Try restarting your Mac and iOS devices. Click here to see how to restart an iOS device.
  8. In the Date & Time system settings, enable automatically setting the date and time on all your devices.
  9. Reset all settings on your problematic iOS device in the Settings app under General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings (please note this only affects the system settings, not the device).
  10. Sign out of the iCloud and sign back in.

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