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Where does djay Pro store playlists, cue points, and other data?

Last Updated: May 28, 2018 11:13AM CEST

djay Pro stores data in the following locations. To access these folders, activate the Finder, select "Go To Folder..." from the "Go To" menu, and copy & paste the respective path below.

djay Pro 2

  • App Data:
    ~/Music/djay Pro 2/

    This folder contains the following data:​

    • djay Media Library: playlists, history, queue, as well as all per-song metadata like cue points and loop regions
    • Backups: automatic backups of "djay Media Library"
    • Key Bindings: custom keyboard shortcut sets
    • MIDI Mappings: custom MIDI controller mappings
    • Recordings: audio and video recordings
    • Samples and Sampler Presets: custom samples and sampler presets
  • Track analysis data:
    ~/Library/Group Containers/ Support/Algoriddim/

djay Pro 1

  • If you downloaded djay Pro from the Mac App Store:
    ~/Library/Containers/com.algoriddim.djay-pro-mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Algoriddim
  • If you downloaded djay Pro from the Algoriddim website:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Algoriddim

    This folder contains the following data:

    • djay Preset Library.plist: cue points, first down beats and all other data set by the user
    • Metadata: per-song analyze data (e.g. waveforms, beat grids, etc.)
    • Sets: your DJ set history as displayed in the djay Pro media library
    • Samples: custom audio samples (including recorded samples)
    • Sampler Presets: custom audio sampler presets
    • VideoImageEffects and VideoImageEffects.plist: custom image overlays for the djay Pro video mode
    • VideoTextEffects.plist: custom text overlays for the djay Pro video mode

Note: To move djay Pro to another Mac, simply copy these folders to the same location on the new Mac.

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