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Troubleshooting audio issues

Last Updated: Nov 11, 2016 05:24PM CET

Audio dropouts and freezes can have many different reasons. If you are experiencing audio dropouts or similar issues while mixing with djay Pro, we recommend you to check the following suggestions in order to optimize your system and prevent dropouts.

Stay updated on software and firmware/drivers

Keep your macOS and djay Pro installations updated. The latest updates provided by Apple and Algoriddim often contain fixes for common issues.

Also check if there are any firmware updates or updated drivers available for your DJ controller or audio interface by visiting the manufacturer’s website. This can especially be necessary after updating your macOS system software to ensure compatibility with new macOS releases.

USB connection with external DJ controller and audio devices

An unstable USB connection with your DJ controller / audio interface is a common source of audio dropouts. If you are experiencing issues and audio dropouts please try the following suggestions:

  • Use a different USB cable. We recommend using shielded cables with ferrite beads.
  • Ensure the USB cable doesn’t run closely past speakers and power adapters. Especially bass-heavy speakers can cause electromagnetic interference which can be picked up by the USB cable.
  • Try another USB port. On many Macs, different USB ports use different internal connections and some ports can work better than others. In general, for MacBook Pro models with ports on the left and right, the port on the left is recommended. For MacBook and MacBook Pro models with ports on the left only, the port furthest from the screen is recommended.
  • Avoid using a USB hub for connecting your audio interface. If you have to use a USB hub, we recommend using a powered hub to ensure the hub is able to provide enough power to connected devices.

Hard drive performance tuning

The hard drive can cause audio dropouts during Spotlight indexing. If you connect an external hard drive please wait until Spotlight indexing has finished before using djay Pro.

Additionally, external hard drives can also experience USB connection issues causing audio dropouts, so we recommend following the suggestions above regarding USB connection issues for the USB connection with your external hard drive.

Close other apps

Other apps running in the background might cause audio dropouts e.g. due to CPU or hard drive access. In general we recommend closing other apps during a performance.

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